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date: 20 May 2021

Webinar: M&A | why do it now?

trends in dealmaking

Webinar organised by Schoenherr and Romanian Business Leaders | 20 May 2021 | 11:00 am (Romanian time)

Dealmaking has changed significantly since the outbreak of the pandemic. We have seen shifts in seller-buyer dynamics, in their expectations, and deal structures. Parties have found creative ways to align their interests and to bridge valuation gaps. Communication and negotiations have taken new shapes as they moved online. Flexibility and speed gained importance.

What has not waivered is investors' interest in getting deals done. This is good time for companies wanting to further develop their business to seize the moment and attract these investments.

  • How has the pandemic reshaped M&A deals? 
  • What is considered "market standard" for negotiations nowadays?
  • In 2021 who are the likely investors and what do they expect from targets?
  • A new ally: SPACs. How do they work and how might they change M&A deals?

Join us at this webinar to explore these and other topics.


  • Claudiu Vrînceanu, Project Manager, Scale Out


  • Makus Piuk, Partner | Schoenherr
  • Mădălina Neagu, Partner | Schoenherr
  • Bartosz Kwiatkowski, Vice President | Enterprise Investors
  • Stefan Kalteis, Founder & CEO | Kailuana GmbH
  • Iulian Cîrciumaru, Managing Partner | V7 Capital


Registration by invitation only. If you are interested to join this event, please send an e-mail to



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