To meet clients' demands in crisis situations and to service them in the best possible way, Schoenherr has forged a dedicated crisis response team. The team includes specialists from all relevant practice areas across our offices, with substantive experience gained in many industries. We have central contact persons that will assist a client immediately and ensure that risks are managed efficiently.

Each investigation has a tailor-made approach irrespective of the industry and the nature of the suspected wrongdoing. We have significant experience in investigating all corporate crimes, violations of anti-trust rules, confidential information leaks, tax evasion and breach of legal duties. Over the past few years we have conducted (internal) investigations in the following sectors: financial services; healthcare & life sciences; manufacturing;  construction; and oil & gas sectors.


  • providing board advice to protect against personal liability in situations of crisis
  • compliance with regards to capital markets notifications and regulatory duties
  • drawing up interview plans and advising on covert and overt phases of investigations
  • advising on data protection rules inside and outside the EU, as well as on relevant laws for transmitting data across borders
  • counseling on labour laws, including among others handling of whistleblowers, and drawing up of amnesty programmes
  • coordinating and managing required non-legal experts
  • advising on how to proceed once the results of the investigation become clear to minimise exposure

our legal experts

Partners Christoph Haid and Sascha Hödl lead and coordinate the Schoenherr expert team.

Further specialists: