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Schoenherr's experts advise on legal questions concerning commercial contracts and consumer protection laws.

"Schoenherr have particularly impressed us with their flexibility, having the right CEE coverage and their business thinking. We saw very good teamwork across borders."



Every economic activity is based on a number of contracts, whether standard contracts, including general terms and conditions, or specially negotiated contracts. Not all business transactions always run smoothly, so that out-of-court and judicial disputes can also occur. At Schoenherr we have significant experience in advising clients in all these aspects of commercial law:

  • We advise on the establishment and structuring of new business operations as well as on the entire range of commercial activities.
  • Our dedicated team is especially skilled in drafting complex contracts and representing clients in contractual negotiations B2B.
  • We advise our clients during ongoing business operations in all matters relating to commercial contracts so that possible points of dispute can be identified at an early stage and solutions can be offered to avoid disputes.
  • We have the expertise necessary to minimise product liability risks for our clients and guide them safely through difficult situations. We also assist in setting up the necessary processes and structures (such as quality assurance systems), in the establishment of recall management systems and in preparing risk assessments. We take care of communications with the authorities, execute cross-border warnings and recalls and assist in official proceedings (e.g. fine proceedings), as well as in judicial proceedings on recourse claims.
  • We also represent our clients in related disputes, such as disputes relating to contractual law, liability cases, and cases involving recourse claims. 

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  • commercial contracts (examples: distribution, supply, franchising, agency, co-development, manufacturing and fabrication, consultancy, etc.)
  • establishment of business operations
  • establishment of distribution channels
  • e-commerce compliance
  • distance selling compliance
  • general terms and conditions
  • platforms and website terms of use
  • electronically concluded contracts
  • consumer finance laws
  • product liability
  • consumer protection laws
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Montenegro's evolving legal landscape: recent amendments and controversies in games of chance regulation

Montenegro's Law on Games of Chance (the "Law") was enacted in 2004 and has undergone multiple amendments since. The most recent ones came into effect on 1 January 2024. The aim of the amendments, as stated by the competent authorities, is to ensure a sustainable regulatory system for organising games of chance via the internet or other telecommunication means, as well as to generate additional revenue from these activities. This objective is to be achieved through measures aimed at establishing a variable concession fee for the organisation of online games of chance, a provision not envisaged in the prior legal framework in this area. Another measure to achieve the set goal is to introduce a ban on participation in foreign games of chance via the internet and other telecommunication means for which bets are paid on the territory of Montenegro.


Lessons learned from recent ECJ case law

Even if the original version of the Council Directive 93/13/EEC on unfair terms in consumer contracts has been in force since 16 April 1993 its significance is apparent from the abundance of case law handed down to date. As courts in various jurisdictions increasingly refer to this case law, sellers or suppliers cannot afford to neglect it when drafting their general terms and conditions (GTC).

Nevertheless, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is still able to surprise consumers and sellers or suppliers with its case law and its consequences.




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Youth and beauty (on the edge between cosmetics and medicine)

When prompted to list the top 10 human fears, an OpenAI language model started with the fear of death and ended with the fear of rejection. The AI's advice on how to overcome these fears was clearcut: accept the impermanence of life and find meaning.


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Schoenherr's consumer protection group provides in-depth legal advice in all consumer protection-related matters.

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Schoenherr's experienced commercial contracts team advises clients in all aspects of commercial law.

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