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Schoenherr's experts advise on all legal matters arising in the telecommunications and media sector across the CEE region.

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At Schoenherr we thoroughly enjoy technology, as well as helping our clients with their technology & digitalisation matters. 

Our clients and their projects face many legal challenges, some of which have yet to be considered. These legal challenges do not adhere to classic legal areas or terminology, and so, in order to meet the legal demands of tomorrow’s technologies today, our group focuses on making technology & digitalisation happen in the current legal environment.

We provide 360° legal advice for all technology & digitalisation matters, and support to Schoenherr's transaction practices with legal and industry know-how.


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The technology & digitalisation group provides 360° legal advice for all technology & digitalisation matters. The combined knowledge of our legal experts ensures an optimised understanding of our clients' needs.

Since the scope of our services is constantly developing in accordance with technical developments and our clients' challenges, please refer to the non-exhaustive list of the legal areas in which we provide services at

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Meet our international technology & digitalisation experts.

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Austria: Schoenherr advises Bitpanda on its USD 52 million Series A financing round





NFT licences that "can't be evil": are they any good?

Licences connected to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are still far from being the norm. As a result, most NFTs still do not convey sufficient or appropriate IP rights to their underlying content. Moreover, they have to deal with practical difficulties inherent to the nature of NFTs. The need for licences tailored to the NFT market is therefore evident.

To overcome the practical difficulties and tackle these issues, publicly available NFT licence systems have emerged. But are they any good?


21 September 2022


V.Wolfbauer M.Woller

Omnibus? MoRUG I & II? And what's in it for me?


Trademarks: The classification of "virtual goods" in trademark applications

Trademark professionals have noted growing interest in protecting trademarks for "virtual goods". This leaves trademark specialists as well as IP offices grappling with how to correctly classify these goods.


Landmark decision in Austria: use of Google Analytics found to breach GDPR


Wegfall des "Privacy Shield": Kommt jetzt das Aus für "Google Analytics"?

Webinar | Schoenherr Privacy Academy
3. März 2022 | 9.30 - 10.30 Uhr


15 December 2021


"New" warranty rules finally come into effect


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