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Schoenherr's data protection lawyers advise on all kinds of legal questions concerning data, such as data transfers, databases, whistleblowing systems, data security standards and data loss or misuse.

The team assists its clients on all aspects of data protection, including international data transfers, setting up global databases, implementing whistleblowing systems, safeguarding adequate data security standards, and providing immediate legal assistance in case of data loss or misuse.

Our regulatory lawyers also frequently represent clients in matters before the Austrian data protection regulator.

To address the demands of the new European data protection regulation in particular, Schoenherr has established the Schoenherr Privacy Academy, which gives first-rate guidance in this new area of privacy law.

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27 November 2020


V.Wolfbauer M.Trautinger

Dashcams – safety versus privacy? The Austrian perspective


The cookie monster vs. the law – now live on TV

media coverage

Wenn die Krankheit im Personalakt steht

This article was first published on DerStandard, 20.05.2020

Bei der Bekämpfung des Coronavirus wurden mitunter bisher undenkbare Wege beschritten. So etwa, dass der Arbeitgeber um die Gesundheit seiner Arbeitnehmer Bescheid wissen darf




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