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Schoenherr's data protection lawyers advise on all kinds of legal questions concerning data, such as data transfers, databases, whistleblowing systems, data security standards and data loss or misuse.

The team assists its clients on all aspects of data protection, including international data transfers, setting up global databases, implementing whistleblowing systems, safeguarding adequate data security standards, and providing immediate legal assistance in case of data loss or misuse.

Our regulatory lawyers also frequently represent clients in matters before the Austrian data protection regulator.

To address the demands of the new European data protection regulation in particular, Schoenherr has established the Schoenherr Privacy Academy, which gives first-rate guidance in this new area of privacy law.

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Landmark decision in Austria: use of Google Analytics found to breach GDPR

media coverage

01 April 2021



Checking In: Data Protection Compliance in CEE

For our Checking In feature, we reach out to partners and heads of practice across CEE to learn how specific practice areas are faring in their jurisdictions. This time around we asked Data Protection experts: Overall, how compliant would you say economic agents are with relevant local regulations on data protection, and what are the main gaps that have yet to be addressed?


Dashcams – safety versus privacy? The Austrian perspective




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Meet Schoenherr's team of international data protection experts.

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