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trademark & design management

Schoenherr has more than 60 years of experience in the administration and enforcement of trademarks and designs, supporting clients in clearing, filing, maintaining, and defending their IP rights.

Efficiency and quality are key drivers of the Schoenherr ip trademark and design management practice. A notably sized and experienced team of trademark & design specialists handle matters in close collaboration with Schoenherr ip partners, attorneys and associates. The team is responsible for worldwide trademark and design portfolios of national and international clients and represents in front of national and international ip offices and courts.


trademark & design specialists

Each trademark & design specialist handles trademark applications, renewals and recordals and has additionally specialized in related matters, eg design applications and maintenance, trademark oppositions and cancellation actions, trademark filing strategies, coordination of worldwide trademark portfolios, as well as building and auditing trademark and design portfolios.

part of the ip & technology practice group

The team is integrated into the firm's renown ip & unfair competition team, ensuring seamless one-stop-shop service on the full range of ip enforcement and strategy advice. Furthermore, being embedded in a full-service environment, allows the team to cover related issues linked to other practice areas quickly and efficiently.

our services include

  • 24/7 IP management database access for clients 
  • Clearance searches and risk analysis
  • Domain name monitoring
  • Evaluation of registrability
  • Filings (direct in Schoenherr jurisdictions and via a worldwide network of ip firms)
  • International protection strategies
  • Lists of goods and services tailormade
  • Office actions
  • Opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Portfolio audits
  • Recordals in the registers
  • Renewals
  • Trademark monitoring





12 September 2023


M.Gall M.Woller

How to: Notarisation and legalisation of IP documents

While the legalisation requirements in connection with the assignment of trademark registrations were abolished in Austria a few years ago, everybody dealing with registered IP rights around the world knows that there are notarisation and legalisation requirements for documents like powers of attorney, affidavits or deeds of assignment.


Why is it important to document the use of my trademark?

Are you the proud owner of a trademark registration? – Please keep in mind that registration alone might not always suffice to ensure protection. In most jurisdictions, after a certain period of time you must prove that you are using your trademark for the protected goods/services – either actively or at least in case of a third-party contention. Otherwise, you risk the partial or total deletion of your trademark registration from the trademark register.


You know it when you see it – Shapes as trademarks

Shapes can function as a clue to identify the source and differentiate between products of different companies. While browsing a store shelf, consumers often identify a product by its shape before even noticing its label. Shape marks offer a beneficial avenue to safeguard product designs, packaging, and containers in both Austria and the entire European Union.


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