How do new ideas and shared visions come into being? How can you extend your knowledge and intensify personal contacts? It’s quite simple: By meeting people face to face and exchanging ideas! Meet Schoenherr lawyers from a wide variety of disciplines sharing their insight and expertise at international events, seminars, and conferences.

Bucharest | Romania
Vienna | Austria

15 May 2019

S. HödlB. Rajal

Transaktionen im politischen Visier

Cluj-Napoca | Romania

16 May 2019

G. Bădescu

PRIA Competition Conference

previous conferences

Vienna | Austria

21 May 2019

T. KulniggZ. Simonishvili

blockchain-REAL und FIBREE world summit

Maribor | Slovenia

21 May 2019  - 22 May 2019

E. Možina, J. Lampič, M. Tominec

PODIM Conference 2019

Vienna | Austria

17 May 2019

G. KucskoC. Schumacher

25. ÖBl-Seminar 2019