Coronavirus Info Corner

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, presents us with completely new challenges. There is significant uncertainty in people, and a need for detailed information about the situation. With the following legal updates we aim to provide specifics about certain legal aspects surrounding the coronavirus, particularly for companies needing quick guidance in this regard.

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cee legislation tracker: austria

Status as of 15/10 12:30 pm

cee legislation tracker: czech republic

Status as of 05/10       

cee legislation tracker: hungary

Status as of 13/07         


Kindly note that the summaries on this page are for information purposes only and do not take into account the specifics of a certain situation. The information is not designed to substitute and cannot substitute legal advice tailored to your needs. It is made available strictly on a non-reliance basis. Also, some of the addressed topics might be subject to short-term changes. 

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